Motivation Mountain-Climbing?

So, this weekend was definitely not productive for me.  Friday found me incredibly lethargic, without the brain power to do much of anything.  I did manage to write what may end up being the first paragraph of my future novel.  But writing this passage got me thinking.  How much planning do I need to have done before I can start writing a draft? How specific do those plans need to be? From what research I have done into the creative process it appears as though there is no singular “correct” way to write or to plan.  However I feel as though there are probably more…lets say “efficient” ways of getting started on a novel.

I knew this was definitely going to be an uphill battle when I started brainstorming and planning, but now I’m not sure if what I have done is enough.  Should I continue to just plan? Or can I begin writing? I am apprehensive because as of now, beginning the writing of the first draft seems like an impossibly daunting task.  However part of me is also excited at the prospect of actually bringing my ideas (and the world I have created in my head) to life on paper.  So I guess now what I really need more than anything is to find a way to stay motivated while I continue on this path to a first, very rough, draft.

If anyone happens to read the endless rambling that makes up this post who has gone through this process before and would like to offer some pointers, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! And if not, well I really do feel better now that I’ve put my thoughts out there, instead of just leaving them to rattle around inside my skull all day.